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Leszek Surowiec

Mr Les Surowiec has been associated with building industry for nearly thirty years. He is an expert when it comes to real estate and building industry. He was a proprietor of development company in Chicago, where he was involved in construction of significant structures. His company was one of the first in Chicago to have been building so called ‘green houses’ and had built five houses for 2001 contest ‘Green Homes for Chicago’.

Mr Leszek Surowiec is avid propagator of ‘green building’ technologies. Making use of his entrepreneuring skills he had a hand in placing new building technologies on the market. Thrice he organized manufacturing exhibitions for Polish and American builders. Currently Mr Les Surowiec represents PACBA (Polish American Contractors Builders Association) in Poland.

Fundraising for the victims

of Great Flood of 1997

Ms Deloris Jordan

“It all started from the Grat Flood og 1997. On behalf of PACBA we asked Ms Deloris to help with fundraising. She happily agreed and helped to organize a fundraising ball. Thanks to the raised money it was possible to built several houses for flood victims from Oława municipality.”
Les Surowiec